Drew Underwood has spent over a decade working for charity and non-profit organizations throughout the globe. Since the beginning of his original design company, Design 323, the goal was simple: help organizations reach out to potential clientele and supporters.

Over the years, we’ve been blessed in partnering with local ministries, helping share the mission of larger organizations such as the American Cancer Society, and have even helped raise support for earthquake relief efforts in mainland China. Because of our time in the field, we wholeheartedly understand the challenges of getting the word out efficiently while on a budget. These experiences, along with a working knowledge of the latest and industry-standard design software, allows us to create stunning marketing pieces. And, with our commitment to lightning fast turnaround times, we can ensure that you’re not waiting, missing out on potential revenue.

But, in the end, what it all boils down to is this: we want to help you succeed. We believe in building one another up, lending a helping hand, and providing quality service that goes above and beyond your expectations.



All designers at Underwood Design receive a CPD Certification after completing required training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and demonstrating a proficiency in operating each program. These certifications are recognized symbols of quality assured training experience.

We also have experience and utilize the entirety of the Adobe Creative Cloud, providing us with the opportunity to capture and edit audio and video, as well as create highly customized online resources with programs like Adobe Muse.